What are the benefits and harms of the garlic plant?

Garlic is a plant of the family Liliopsida of the family Alliaceae.

Seasonal growth. It is a cultivated plant that grows in the wild in the wild. People are also known as “garlic”. The best quality of garlic is grown in the soil where the ratio of germanium and selenium is high.

Raw seafood and oil have many benefits for human health. It has antibiotic effect. The diseases that are good are mainly;


There is evidence as the body strengthens the immune system. These sources of evidence are the experiences gained from the struggle that garlic has made with meningitis. The strengthening of the cardiovascular system has caused it to be used in serum. There are anti-thrombotic effects in the vein.

When garlic is over-consumed, the sulfur content causes side effects and allergic reactions. Excessive consumption of raw meat causes damage to the intestines.