What are the Benefits of Radish?

It is a winter vegetable with 3 kinds of radish which is an individual for health with the sense that we use from the expression ‘to be like radish’ which we use in daily life. In addition to being a great dietary supplement because it is rich in fiber, this vegetable is also used in pickles, meals and salads. It is a viticultural vegetable, indispensable for radish winter meals and a non-burning vegetable. I want to talk about the benefits, choice and varieties for you.
How to choose radish?

Brightly colored and heavy ones should be preferred. The light ones are softened or choked. If it is to be kept in the cupboard for a long time, the green leaves and dry turples should be taken.
What are the types of radishes?

Black (radish) radish: The outside is black, the inside is white, and the roots are in the shape of a fist.

Red radish: The outside is bright red, the inside is white, and the roots are of walnut size.

White radish: White outside, white inside, and roots free.
What are the benefits of radish health?

It contains plenty of nutrients needed for digestion and excretion. Dietary fiber reduces diabetes risk, reduces colon cancer risk and protects against heart disease. It contains folic acid, which is vitamin B that occurs during pregnancy. The low risk is reduced on this count. Folic acid helps to prevent breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, yellow spot formation and anemia in the eye. Preserves bone and dental health with phosphorus. Vitamin C helps to correct skin imperfections, weakness of hair, colds and immune system disorders. It is good for coughing, swelling and swelling, aging effects, cholesterol, kidney health, bloating and gas problems, coughing, flu and nose, and allergic bronchitis to the respiratory tract, kidney health, digestion, weight loss, mouth odor. It is useful on the skin because it contains zinc. It is also good for injecting kidney sands and bile stones, sciatica and rheumatism. The prepared radish radish cure is perfect for coughing.

Black radish cure: 1 black radish head is cut like a cover. Score it with a spoon or knife. Honey is put honey or powdered sugar, the cover is closed and waited overnight. Drinking water in the morning. The same process can be done again and water can be drunk 2 times in total.