What are the Benefits of the Quail’s Egg?

Chicken eggs are as popular and uncommon as quail eggs, a food that can be considered much more useful than chicken eggs, are much more nutritious than chicken eggs. If you need to make a comparison, it contains 5 times more phosphorus than chicken eggs, 15 times more B2 vitamin, 9 times more protein, 8 times more iron and 6 times more vitamin B1. When you look at the weight of this egg egg is only about a quarter of this egg comes to the benefit of the closer look closely.

A Little But Very Healing Egg
First of all, this egg is a big obstacle to the development and strengthening of carcinogenic substances which cause cancer. In addition, treatment of diseases such as cough, asthma, shortness of breath, diabetes is also a major contributor to the cessation of treatment. It is very important to consume this kind of egg, especially the children, which can benefit from the healing things. Children with diseases such as bronchitis or influenza have been shown to strengthen their immune systems more quickly after consuming these eggs. Finally, this egg, which is very functional when the stones found in the liver, gall bladder or kidney are removed from the body and destroyed, is definitely one of the nutrients that should be in our life.

How should quail eggs be consumed?
The question of how to consume this egg may, of course, come to mind as the benefits of quail eggs are not exhausted. It is suggested that this egg should be consumed by the children on the shelf. If you are thinking of consuming this egg as an adult to cough or to get rid of allergic diseases, you can add a sweet spoonful of honey and a little milk to it and drink it after 10 minutes. You can drink this product every day for 15 days and then drink 4-5 times a month for 3 months.